Workshops Organized

Workshops conducted by ECE department

A.Y Title of the Workshop Duration Workshop Orgainised in association with Coordinator No.of Participants
2019-20 “Embedded Systems in IOT” (Brochure) 25th to 30th Nov 2019 AICTE Sponsored STTP Dr.K.Ragini 53
2 x 2 MIMO using NI USRP 2920 with hands on sessions 23rd, 26th& 27th Aug 2019 NI company M. MadhuriLatha & C. Padmaja 46
2018-19 Communication system modeling using MATLAB and Simulink 1st to 3rd April, 2019 Capricot Technologies M.MadhuriLatha 20
MATLAB connecting to hardware 7th Jan, 2019 Capricot Technologies M.MadhuriLatha 10
Hands on Training session on MATLAB 13th to 14th Dec, 2018 Capricot Technologies M.MadhuriLatha 31
2018-19 Embedded systems using ARM Cortex M4 MCU’s and IOT 11th to 14th Dec, 2018 EdGate Technologies CH. Hari Prasad 20
Full Custom and Semi IC Design using Mentor EDA Tools 20th , 22nd& 24th Nov, 2018 CoreEL Technologies Dr. K. Ragini 22
2017-18 Channel Coding Techniques (Brochure) 25th to 30th June, 2018 AICTE-ISTE Sponsored Dr. B. Venkateshulu,     B. TulasiSowjanya &   M. MadhuriLatha 44
Future Trends in Wireless Communications (Brochure) 1st November 2017


ECE Department & ETM Department, GNITS, Hyd. Dr.B.Venkateshulu, Dr.K.Ragini, Dr.Rajkumar L B 45
2016-17 Functional Approach to VLSI Design (Brochure) 17th to 22nd Oct, 2016 IETE Hyderabad chapter and CoreEL Technologies, Hyderabad Dr.K.Ragini & A.Deepthi 44
2015-16 Statistical Analysis for Signal and Image Processing (Brochure) 30th  Nov to 5th Dec 2015 UGC Human Resource Development Centre, JNTUH Dr. Renuka Devi S. M & A.Sujatha Reddy 54


The art of digital design using Verilog HDL 14th Nov 2014 ECE Dept., GNITS Dr. K. Ragini & B. Sreekanth Reddy 42
Real Time Embedded Systems & VLSI Technology 1st Dec to 5th Dec 2014 ECE Dept., GNITS Dr. K. Ragini 85
2012-13 VLSI  Design Methodologies using Mentor Graphics Tools 20th TO 23rd June, 2012 Tech labs and mentor graphics Mrs.K.Ragini, Assoc.Professor
2009-10 Latest Trends in Cellular and Mobile Communications 22nd to 27th June, 2009 AICTE-Sponsored Dr.B L Malleswari, Professor
2008-09 Digital Image Analysis and Processing 11th -16th Feb,2008 AICTE-Sponsored Prof.Ch.Ganapathy Reddy and Mrs.Renuka Methre, Assoc.Professor
2007-08 Functional Approach to VLSI Technology and Design 12th -14th Feb, 2007 GNITS Prof.Ch.Ganapathy Reddy and Prof. K Ramalinga Reddy
2004-05 Digital Image Processing 1st -3rd Dec,2005 GNITS Prof.Ch.Ganapathy Reddy and Y Madhavee Latha, Assoc.Professor
In-house workshop on “Microcontrollers” 30th June – 2nd July, 2005 GNITS Mr.C.R Sarma
DSP Processors 27th – 29th June,2005 GNITS Prof.Ch.Ganapathy Reddy and Mrs. Y. Rajeswari, Assoc.Professor & Y Madhavee Latha, Assoc.Professor