R & D Initiatives

HFSS Software Lab

  • HFSS has been installed on 7. 11.16 to promote R & D works. This software tool is used in the field of designing at Microwave ranges for the following
    • Antennas
    • Microwave transitions
    • Waveguide components
    • RF filters
    • Three-dimensional discontinuities
    • Passive circuit elements

Following are the projects development using HFSS Simulation software

  • Bluetooth Antenna for military applications, Hexagonal fractal Antenna for 5G applications
  • Design of rectangular slot MSPA for ultra-wideband applications
  • Design, Simulation and Fabrication of parabolic double Biquad MSPA for UWB Applications.
  • Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Triple Frequency Antenna.
  • Design and simulation of multiple U-slotted MSPA for wide band applications.
  • Design of a planar Mono pole antenna for Breast cancer detector using HFSS

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Texas Instruments Innovation Lab has been established in GNITS ECE Department on 11/01/2018 to create an ecosystem of innovation where students across all disciplines can meet to be creative and hone their technical and leadership skills. The lab is well established with MSP microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments (TI).The microcontrollers are 16-bit and 32-bit RISC-based, mixed signal processors designed for ultra-low power applications. These microcontrollers from TI provide designers with enhanced performance and more peripherals on chip while using less power. MSP ultra-low-power microcontrollers are ideal for applications where the majority of the microcontroller life is spent in standby. Typical applications of these processors include low-cost sensor systems that capture analog signals, convert them to digital values and then process the data for display or for transmission to a host system.

  • Accessories in Signal And Image Processing
    • Input devices to acquire audio, video, images and finger print are available, projects related to speech and video processing are developed using the following equipment
      • Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder
      • Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D435i
      • Ultrasonic Sensor Sonar
      • PIXY Pan and Tilt Mechanism for Pixy2 Smart Vision Camera
      • NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit
      • Logitech Web camera
      • Finger print sensor R305 BMES devices
      • IoT Arduino board with 10 sensors​

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List of Funded MODROBS, Workshops and Research Projects :

Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount (Rs. in Laksh)
Dr. Renuka Devi S M Automatic Pothole Detection and Listing the GPS Location


Y. Rakesh Kumar Improving Object Visibility Under Atmospheric Degradation of Haze and Fog by Adopting Deep Neural Network Model


Dr.K.Ragini Embedded Systems in Internet of Things (STTP) (DoS:10/05/2019) AICTE 3.69
Dr.B. Venkateshulu Center of Excellence in Antenna Radiation Pattern Analysis


AICTE 19.31
Dr. Swapna Raghunath Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based indoor positioning system (IPS)

(DoS: 03/12/2018)

M/s. BIGWIG Technologies Pvt. Ltd 5.56

ECE Student Hackathon Achievements:

1. During the Academic year 16-17, one team was selected to participate at National level Finals Smart India Hackothon’17 conducted at Nodal center KL University on 1st and 2nd April 2017. Title of the project “Safety for women in India” with participants being Bejgam, Sahithi, S.Sree Venni, G.Shithi, Siddenki, Sushmitha, R.Kavya Sree, G.Madhuri.

2. GNITS girls team Athmakuri Sai Naga Rekha (15251A0462), Cherukupalli Harika (15251A0464), Gopu Vedika (15251A04A1), Kota Akshitha (15251A04A8), Illuru Sahithya (15251A04B8) won First Prize (prize amount Rs.17 Lakhs) in Aegon International 24-hour Health and Wealth 24-hr Hackathon for the prototype “Silent Heart Attack Detector” on 19th Sept. 2018 at Bombay.

3. Cherukupalli Harika, Sai Naga Rekha Athmakuri, Gopu Vedika, Kota Akshitha & Illuru Sahitya, have participated in TELANGANA STATE  SMART CITY HACKATHON March 2018, Award Won “Public Choice Award” with the event having 16,660 participants.. Title of the project is “Smart water meter”.

4. Anveshana’ 2018 Projects Shortlisted: Two PROJECTS

A) Project Title: Automatic Engine Locking for drunk drivers

     Students: B.Monica (17251A0402) & Sai Sreeja.Y (17251A0430)

B) Project Title: Solar Power Battery Charger

     Students: G. Bhuvana Sri (16251A0480) & Giovani (16251A0479)

5. DST and Texas Instruments Inc. India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2018 (IIDC) anchored by NSRCEL, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and supported by myGOV have conducted a Hackathon. Out of 10146 teams participated, 346 teams were shortlisted   for Quarterfinals Round. One of our Project Titled ‘Railway Track Fault Detector’ with submission ID 401945 and Students D. Swathi (16241A04D3), Y.Srinidhi (16251A0589), G.Aneela (16251A0581), have been selected for Quarterfinals Round.

6. Two Students R. Nikhilaa Tejashwini & A. Aakanksha participated and have won first Prize in South Zone Final TATA Crucible Hackathon 2018 for their project tilted “Sense of Tumor”.

7. D. Swathi (16241A04D3), Y.Srinidhi (16251A0589), G.Aneela (16251A0581)                              have                        developed    “SPUR Points” and won 1st prize (prize amount Rs 50000) in Ignitron –Buisess Plan Competition VJIM ON Smart Ideas for Smart Cities .

8. G.Maneesha(ECE), G.Sowmya(ECE), T.Tejaswini (ECE) have developed “Rice Blasts” and won 2nd Prize(Price money of Rs10000/-) conducted by Indian Institute of Rice Research Hackathon on 9th and 10th Feb 2019.

9. N Yamini(ECE), B.Sai Aparna(ECE), B Bhavya Sree(ECE), G Bhavya Sree (ECE) developed a Project “Smart Village” conducted by Robotics-Expo – Part of Women in Robotics, Phase -3, conducted under IEEE WIE Affinity Group and their project is selected as the best project.

Proposals Submitted to DST under various schemes like SEED-TIDE, ICPS, Women Empowerment, TSCOST

S.No. Name of the Faculty Name of the Project Scheme Year
1 Dr. Renuka Devi SM , Ms. Ch. Anusha Low cost efficient Sensor based Soil Nutrients Alerting System DST/TDT 2018-2019
2 Mr.Chandrasekhar Paseddula, Dr.K.Ragini Automatic crop protection during heavy rains and rain water harvesting system using cyber physical systems DST/TDT 2018-2019
3 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Y, Mr.ChandrasekharPaseddula Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning In Speech and Image Processing DST/ICPS 2018-2019
4 Mr.Chandrasekhar Paseddula, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Y Robots and Its Control Using Andriod App DST/ICPS 2018-2019
5 Mr.Chandrasekhar Paseddula, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Y Sensor Networks in Internet Of Things (IoT) DST/ICPS 2018-2019
6 Dr.K.Swapna Raghunath, Dr.K.Ragini Women Empowerment through fully automated in-house composting of organic waste and organic farming DST/SEED/WS 2019-2020
7. Dr. G. Srivalli, Mrs. N. Krishna Jyothi Early Tumor Detection for Breast Cancer Patients DST/SEED/WS 2019-2020
8. Dr. Renuka Devi SM , Ms. Ch. Anusha Autonomous Navigational System for Visually Impaired SEED/TIDE 2019-2020
9 Dr. P. Sudhakara Rao, Dr.B.Venkateshulu In-Home Stroke Rehabilitation Smart System For Upper Limb SEED/TIDE 2019-2020
10. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Y Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Speech and Image Processing DST/ICPS 2019-2020
11 Dr. Renuka Devi SM


System for Agro advisory on Rice yield estimation using IoT TSCOST 2019-2020
12 Dr Swapna Raghunath, Dr. K Ragini Automation of identification of Stem borer (Chilo partellus) and Fall army worm (Spodoptera Frugiperda Frugiperda) on Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) and their chemical management through IOT TSCOST 2019-2020

List of Applied AICTE Proposals

Name of the Faculty Project Title Scheme
Dr. B.Venkateshulu Digital Communication Lab AICTE-AQIS MODROBS
Dr. Swapna Raghunath Detection of Ionospheric Spatial and Temporal Gradients from Global Navigation Satellite System AICTE-AQIS RPS
Dr. Renuka Devi S.M Emerging Trends in Communication and Image Processing AICTE-AQIS STTP
Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi Robotics Design & applications using Sensor networks, IoT AND Artificial Intelligence(RDASIA 2020) AICTE-GOC
Dr. K Ragini Embedded Systems in Robotics AICTE-FDP


List of 40 ECE faculty members and 27 ECE students obtained NPTEL Online Course certificate during July-Oct 2017 and Jan-April 2018 (Academic Year:2017-18):

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List of 26 ECE faculty members and 25 ECE students obtained NPTEL Online Course certificate during July-Oct 2018(Academic Year:2018-19):

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List of 45 NPTEL Online Courses of ECE faculty members obtained certificate from AY 2019 to 2020:

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