Student Activity Centre (IEEE)


IEEE Student Branch and Women in Engineering - Affinity Group

(Advancing Technology for Humanity)

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),  is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advance technological innovation and excellence for benefit of humanity.

Executive committee – 2017


Dr.K.Ramesh Reddy, Principal

IEEE Student branch Advisor 

Dr. R.Balasubramanian, Professor, EEE

IEEE Student Counselor: 

Dr. N. Malla Reddy, Prof. & HOD., EEE

Dr. Renuka Devi S M, Assoc.Prof., ECE

Department Coordinators

Mr. P.Buchibabu, Asst. Professor, EEE

Ms. G.Keerthi Chandrika, Asst. Professor, CSE

Ms. V.Usha, Asst. Professor, IT

Mr. N. Rama Krishna, Asst., ETM Professor

Ms. G.Madhavi, Asst. Prof, ECE

Student Committee

Ms. N. Nikitha Neeladdi (3/4CSE), SB Chair

Ms Sneha M.(3/4 ECE), SB Vice chair

Ms. Meghana Kirthi K(3/4 EEE), SB Secretary

Ms. Chikodi Srividya(3/4 IT), SB Treasurer

Benefits for student member:

IEEE Student competitions – from programming to humanitarian to robotics, IEEE membership allows you to compete against your peers and have fun simultaneously

IEEE Scholarships, awards and fellowships – enhance your career through a multitude of offerings.

IEEE potentials magazine – filled with technical articles and career information (this publication is created just for students)

IEEE Student Branch GNITS - Events Conducted for A.Y 2017-18

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Event Name

Event Date

No. of students attended


2-day workshop on Internet of things and Android App Building


21st & 22nd Oct-17



C-Quiz + Mookie Talkies (Technical Dumshards)

13th Dec-2017



Events Conducted for A.Y 2016-17

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Event Name

Event Date

No. of students attended

Report& Photos


Seminar on Virtual Labs

1st Sep 2016


Seminar on Virtual Labs: On 1st-Sept 2016, Mr. Ravi Shankar and Mr. Lalith Mohan from IIITH delivered a half day session on Virtual Labs. About 100students attended the event from various branches. During the workshop the students were introduced to the Open edX platform, MOOC platform, various labs available and also of executing experiments in Virtual labs.


Workshop on IoT

10th& 11th Sep 2016


Workshop on IoT: This workshop was conducted by Smart Bridge educational services on 10th & 11th Sept 2016, and 125 students participated with great interest. The students were exposed to Hardware Integration, Software Programming, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Web & Mobile applications.


Seminar on IEEE Xplore Digital Library

21st Dec 2017


Seminar on IEEE Xplore Digital Library: An awareness session on how to utilize the IEEE Xplore Digital Library was held on 21st December 2017 on by Morla Kamakshaiah, Senior Sales Manager, GIST. The key issues discussed were how to - utilize IEEE Xplore Digital Library, search for articles and papers on the website, refine search on the website, create a personal account on Quizzing was done at the end of the session when many students awarded with goodies.


Two day Workshop on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

20th & 21st Jan 2017


Two day Workshop on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking: This workshop was conducted by E-MARSHALS INFOSEC PVT.LTD on 20th&21st Jan 2017. The objective of the workshop was to create awareness among students on ethical hacking techniques & information security and how to implement them in a positive manner. A total of 112 students and 10 faculty members have attended the workshop. Three top performers in this workshop Nidhi N.N.N P (15251A05E3), Srividya S(14251A0453), M.Sravanthi (14251A0588 ), were given the opportunity of doing advanced course of duration one month for free registration.


Lecture on Power Grid and Studies Abroad

4th Feb 2017


Lecture on Power Grid and Studies Abroad: Alumna of GNITS, Ms. Rupamathi perusing Ph.D at prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, give an interesting talk on Power Grid and Studies Abroad on 4th Feb 2017.


Paper presentation and Poster presentation

1st April 2017


Paper presentation and Poster presentation is also planned on 1st April 2017, with the papers to be presented to be from only IEEE magazines.


Events Conducted 2015-16

Guest Lectures on 21st Sep 2015 Report
Field visit to Synergy Infra Consultancy PVT LTD on 23-12-2015  at 14:00 hours Report
IEEE-GNITS Paper Presentation’ Contest Report

The Sixth Alexander Graham Bell Memorial Lecture by IEEE Hyderabad Section Hosted by GNITS

Guest Lecture on Microgrids by J.Rupamathi from Carnigi Mellon University Report