Student Life

Students’ Corner – A Panorama of Talents

“Samskruthi” the Cultural Club of GNITS offers students the much needed space and opportunity to showcase their creative & artistic talents under the guidance of Mrs.V.B. Sangeetha, Asst. Professor of English. Some of the events organized under the banner are:

  • ALACRITY 2014 – The annual cultural extravaganza organized in the month of March ’14.
  • One of the unique features of this year’s fest is the musical ballad called JAZBA–a concept conceived entirely by the students.The event showcased the spirit of women through dance.
  • A ‘street play’ portraying the current social evils plaguing the society was staged which is another first of its kind for GNITS.


GNITS Literary Club, christened as Literaria Clava provides a platform for the budding engineers to showcase their literary skills under the supervision of Mrs. Preetha Anthony Asst. Professor of English. The activities of the club include:

  • Maintenance of a Wall Magazine by the I yr students.
  • Conducting Literary Fest (LiFe) in the campus.
  • Publishing a periodical G Gazette that focuses on all the happenings in the campus.

  • The students have taken an active part in celebrating the International Womens’ Day and Independence Day under the banner of ‘Lead India’ under the leadership of Dr.P.Aparna, HOD of H&M dept.
  • "Persona" conducted comedy shows “Windsor Manor” & "The Kitty Party” as a part of celebrations during NAAC visit & the annual Alumni meet respectively. Another comedy show "Good Gracious Me" and the Persona Panache were organized all under the direction of Mrs. Suchitra Pratap, Asst. Prof. of English.
  • Two students Vasanthi & Manasa of IT have been adjudged Best Organizers for their contribution towards the events of Toast Masters’ Club under the stewardship of Dr.B.Sushma, Asst.Prof. of English.